dwiss.org goes live!
Congratulations to Jon on the launch of his dwiss product and website.

Jon Walker came up with the idea of dwiss (domestic waste internal storage system) after being unable to source a suitable recycling unit that worked well, looked good and was itself sustainable.

Jon approached Design Futures, and with assistance from the Innovation Futures programme, Design Futures was able to assist Jon research the UK's recycling market and develop two different prototypes which were used to gather feedback on how people engage with the dwiss concept.

Jon then teamed with Paul Timmer, a Dutch designer based in Amsterdam, who used the trial feedback to develop the product further resulting in the launch version of the dwiss.

Design Futures also assisted Jon with graphic design in relation to the dwiss' packaging design.

For more information on the development of dwiss, please visit www.dwiss.org

dwiss.org goes live!dwiss.org goes live!