Developing wearable monitoring devices for prolonged use

Design Futures worked with Kinematix (*formerly Tomorrow Options), a company based in Portugal and the UK, on the design of a range of innovative wearable medical monitoring devices. One project was ‘Walkinsense’, a wearable system that provides quantitative and qualitative information regarding a user’s dynamic foot pressure and their gait. This system supports more accurate assessment of people with diabetic foot disorders.

We took a user-centred approach that gained an understanding of the requirements for both patients and healthcare professionals. This involved ergonomic studies and identification of how healthcare professionals, such as doctors and podiatrists, would work with the device and use the data it produced.

The outcome is a product that is safe, easy to put on and take off, and comfortable for patients to wear for prolonged periods. It is also very simple to operate by healthcare practitioners and provides them with clear and robust data to support diagnosis. Application areas include: orthopedics, neurology, cardiology, podiatry, rehabilitation and sports applications.