Marell - AV monitor

Conveying high quality values in a low volume market

Marell’s remote video monitor is a specialist AV product that uses wireless video technology to enable film directors to see exactly what is being filmed from any camera on a film set, whilst being able to move around the set themselves. 

Marell wanted to create an enclosure design for the product with a strong appearance to convey its quality. Physical considerations, including ergonomics and user controls, were particularly important due to its hand held nature. 

Benefits incorporated into the enclosure design include robustness - to withstand dropping and misuse, water resistance - for outdoor use, and appropriate positioning of user controls - for ease of use. By careful design and by using an appropriate low volume production technique, we were able to achieve an aesthetic quality that can normally only be achieved when manufacturing in high volumes.


In order to appeal to a wider market, Marell asked Design Futures to design a new larger ” monitor to keep up to date with current trends in AV equipment and position them ahead of the competition. 

The redesign also offered an opportunity to reduce the size and weight of the unit, as well as improve the ergonomics and incorporate the latest advances in electronics.