Mediplan - hospital monitor

Enhancing the patient experience whilst reducing the risk of infections

Mediplan are a leading supplier of hospital communication products. Mediplan wanted to increase their product range by offering an audio visual monitor. The two key drivers of the project were to provide a high quality patient experience, and to minimise the risk of healthcare associated infections (HCAIs), such as MRSA and C.difficile.

To enable patients to position the screen in the most comfortable viewing position, which includes accommodating those people who prefer to lie on their side in bed, we devised a new type of ball joint. This arrangement provided the necessary articulation, whilst ensuring that the internal cabling could not be damaged.

As part of our approach to infection control, we adopted unconventional assembly techniques to create a flush screen. This created a modern ‘seamless’ appearance, with minimal joins and crevices. We also devised a novel speaker aperture that provides good acoustic properties and ingress protection whilst being easy to clean.