Product design

Product concept design

Fresh ideas to capture customers’ imaginations 

New ideas can help to quickly build new business. Our deep and varied understanding of people, materials, technologies and processes gives us a wide range of catalysts to trigger inspirational new product concepts. Our creative work takes place within a well-managed innovation process - so not only are our ideas fresh and exciting, they are also highly commercial.

Appearance and ergonomics

Magic ingredients that create outstanding products

Well-designed products outsell their competitors and can lead to improved margins and better market penetration. The way a product looks, how it feels and how users interact with it, can all be used to create products that delight. Using a combination of imagination, experience and insight, we work closely with our clients to achieve distinctive products that people want to own.

Product development

Translating great ideas into great products

We have a proven track record of delivering high added value products with healthy return on investments. We have achieved this by using highly appropriate multidisciplinary teams that can resolve the competing demands of appearance, function, time to market and cost. Our new product development process reduces risk by identifying potential problems early in the development process and adopting strategies to minimise or eliminate them.