RTL Ltd - Location aware asset tag

Strength and flexibility

Real Time Location Ltd specilaises in products that provide accurate, cost effective and reliable tracking to locate personnel, visitors and portable assets in real time.

The company required the design of an asset tag that provides tracking information of key equipment, suitable for a number of different applications.

The main challenge of the project was to design an enclosure that was as compact as possible whilst withstanding the rigours of the demanding industrial environments in which it would be placed. Strength and security were of paramount importance, along with robust igress protection.  The solution incorporates a double wall to give reinforcement and protection to the enclosure from all sides, and the sloping surfaces of the unit help deflect any side impacts it may encounter during use.

The team thought carefully about how the device would be used and applied.  The unit makes use of multiple attachment options, and this flexibility allows it to be adapted to fit a wide variety of objects and scenarios.

A high quality, subtly technical appearance conveys the brand values of Real Time Locations.